SEM Search Engine Marketing

there are many different aspects to Search Engine marketing (SEM) Here are some examples:

Newsletter Campaigns

Most successful websites on the Internet today now compose and distribute periodic newsletters via email to all of their current subscribers. Visitors to these websites are offered periodic updates, news, how-to tips, special offers, and/or other pieces of information that would be of interest to them. Thus, they become encouraged to subscribe to these newsletters, usually through a small email address submission form on the site.

Intermediate Link Trading

Link Trading is a fundamental part of a good website promotional strategy. Not only does it drive traffic directly, but also BuildsLink Popularity & Page Rank.

Malls & Shopping Portals

As you are no doubt aware, there are hundreds of “Shopping Malls” all over the web. In terms of what these malls represent as a marketing and site promotion resource, it helps to think of them as a variation on something that should be familiar to you. So let’s think of an Internet Mall not as a mall, but as a Vertical Portal. An Internet mall is simply a vertical portal dedicated to being a large resource and directory for shoppers.
Banner advertising is another way to direct traffic to your web site. When you first begin an Internet marketing program you will be starting with absolutely no web site traffic. One marketing technique you may want to consider is exchanging banners through one of the online banner

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