Craiglist Design

 Do you need a Full Page Color Graphic for a Craigslist ad Design.

Is your phone not ring like it use to or do you just want more Phone calls off your Craigslist ad Design.

Here is the Easy Steps to make your Craigslist ad Design

  1. Research the compitition on Craigslist to find ads that will compete for your business.
  2. Find the photos and graphics you want to use in your Craigslist ad Design.
  3. Build content that will get them to want to pick up the phone to call you!
  4. Make the Craigslist ad Design graphic and content Sample ad to be Reviewed.
  5. Review the Craigslist ad Design and make the changes before Coding process.
  6. Copy the full page graphic as many times as you will need for posting
  7. Make enough to have extra to post more than 1 line of code for each ad for a full week
  8. Clean up the code so you only see the code for the graphic nothing more.