Candy Crush SEO

If you enjoy spending time online playing with apps like Candy Crush why not network a little? When you send out invitations and requests, add your personal note, a word about your brand, or whatnot. Sure, it is likely going to be ignored, even by people answering the request, but it also could reach someone even on a subconscious level and that does count for something.

Part of the upside of these games is that you can make friends or gather followers by doing nothing more than playing. Then you can use this to help you make new contacts and advertise your site in a friendly way – sort of like a signature tag. After a while people will come to recognize you (oh, that’s the web design guy) and if you get to be enough of a player that you can help out newbies to the games, that makes you even more of a visible figure. It may sound out there, but games have been leveraged this way by others.

If, however, you keep a low profile and plug yourself discreetly without using too many Candy Crush Cheats, you will keep that low level buzz going on and when any of the people you neighbor or play with need your product or services you will be the natural person to turn to. It isn’t subliminal advertising in the least, but it does have much the same effect – and aside from the time you invest, it’s free.

I intend to join a few more networks and game playing apps just to see if I can drum some interest, and while I’m mentioning it – can you drop by and fertilize my crops for me? Okay, actually I’m just kidding about that – but seriously, if you find yourself puttering around online, it only makes sense to try and make something more productive come of it than a hill of beans. Think creatively and see what kind of results you get. There is nothing gained if you never venture into the land of the unknown – or the farm or trail of the unknown for that matter.